Environmental Engineering    
  Wastewater    Renewable energies   Emissions  
 Ambient air
    Indoor air quality
  Wastewater :    
  Engineering and design of wastewater treatment plants for industrial wastewater and domestic sewage.    
  Planning of modular systems for the treatment of small or medium wastewater amounts with individual design according to the specific requirements. oben  
  Performing microbiological tests for reducing the risk of inhibition or intoxication in the biological degradation process.    
  Determination of oxygen capacities in aeration zones according to the guideline ATV M209.    
  Determination of the microbiological activity for wastewater degradation in specified matrices.    
  Performing recycling concepts for water in order to save natural resources and energy.    
  Renewable energies    
  Delivery and evaluation of concepts referring the utilization of renewable energies.    
  Delivery of feasibility studies for the utilization of renewable energies under economic and technical aspects.    
  Planning and engineering of abatement systems to reduce stack emissions.    
  Monitoring of mass concentration and mass flow of pollutants for designing or optimization of duct and abatement systems.    
  Mass flow balances of production processes and drawing up of practical concepts and methodologies for saving raw materials and reducing of residues / waste and emissions. oben  
  Evaluation of the efficiency of emission abatement systems.    
  Ambient air (immissions)    
  Erecting and start-up of stations (stand alone and networks) for air quality monitoring.    
  Evaluation of data and measuring values.    
  Preparation of air quality management plans.    
  Indoor air quality    
  Identification of potential pollutant sources in buildings and rooms.    
  Representative sampling of relevant and hazardous components.    
  Preparation of analyzing plans for accredited laboratories.    
  Preparation of action plans to avoid or reduce indoor pollutions. oben